Beautiful Barographs

One of our more unusual photographic assignments recently, has been to photograph a large collection of beautiful barographs for a client who has had a passion for meteorology since being a young lad. His collection has grown significantly over the last 40 years and he now feels it's time to part with some of these instruments.

If you are interested in purchasing or knowing more information,  just contact us by phone, or go straight to their website HERE:

Click HERE to view the Barographs we have photographed so far.

Or view the slideshow of images HERE

A bit more about Barographs

The barograph is a barometer which records a trace on a chart which is fitted to a clockwork drum which, in most types, revolves once every week. This type of instrument became very popular in the mid-Victorian age with little change in style over the last 150 years. The display barograph is the most sought after type, having a bevelled 5-glass hardwood lid & a chart draw at the base. Particularly collectable models a have barometer dial linked to the mechanism, a fitted thermometer maybe rounded corners to the hardwood base. Larger versions of these instruments can be found in sports & country clubs, town halls & hotels. 

They also make an ideal gift for the home or office. 


Stuart Standring