Broken Legs & Boats. Churchill Prom by the non-grumpy photographer

I've not arrived at a prom before to be greeted with 'ah great, you're the non-grumpy photographer we had last year!' True of course, I am not grumpy at all, Churchill's previous photographer apparently was.  

So this was the 2nd year for @ChurchillAcad for us and it included a fantastically eclectic mix of photos, including a wheelchair bound student with a broken leg, several chaps with uniquely colourful attire, guys with big hair and for the first time on a prom shoot, the inclusion of a boat!

A great group of students to photograph and a lot of fun. Oh and it's also nice to get a good staff photo too. ;) 

Photographs are here

Fee information.

Studio setup. Fixed fee, with free downloads of photographs. Discounted prints available to buy from our site. No limit of photos shot from 7-11pm. 

A friendly, un-grumpy photographer. :) 


Stuart Standring